The CERAFLECTOR® panel produces exceptional results of sound diffusion in all directions and provides spaces with considerable sound perception.

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The CORALREEF® is a 3D controlled dispersion acoustic diffusion panel. Its angular appearance gives dynamics to any space and provides a decorative effect and attractive combinations.

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Due to its shape and depth, the EFFECTFUSER® has a high diffusion coefficient on medium/low frequencies, thus making it more balanced when compared with other diffusers.

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The SQUARYDIFFUSOR® enables quite good control of acoustics by fragmenting the reflected energy, while the absorption factor is not too high, therefore quite recommended for installation in small-sized rooms, by making the acoustics of those spaces quite homogeneous.

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This new model has abrupt joints with planes that lean on each other, which are always different, but do not cause big concavities or parallelisms.

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The WOODIFFUSOR® is a 2D diffusion panel that focuses on controlling horizontal dispersion and is efficient in a wide range of frequencies.

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The Acousti-Teq differentiating factor lies in our approach to each unique audio scenario. Our team of acoustic veterans in the various fields of professional sound each have a pivotal role to ensure only the highest standards of quality. Drawing again from this expertise, solutions are packaged in a manner that best reflect your needs. Technological life spans are no longer short-lived but rather reflect far-sightedness and a passion for sound.

Offering an extensive range of premium quality products, our range of products unlocks a variety of solutions for large-scale organisations, end-users and audio enthusiasts alike. With sound permeating virtually every aspect of our lives, it has the power to uplift, inspire change and impact lives. We view the use of acoustic products in working environments as a significant change agent and is a well-plotted playing field we navigate every day.

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